Welcome to the Text Me: Ancient Jewish Wisdom Meets Contemporary Technology website, a site devoted to the ongoing dialogue about our Jewish values, our appreciation of digital opportunities and perils, and the dance between them. Many of the activities are drawn from the volume (Hamilton Press, 2019) with the same name as the website. New activities and dialogues will evolve as you utilize the two main sections of the website devoted to reflective pedagogy and philosophical/ethical dialogueFeel free to be in touch with the project’s founder Rabbi Jeffrey Schein with questions or comments. Thank you for your insights and participation.

Please accept this recording as a gift of critical reflection from the Kaplan Center, the first in our Kaplanian voices series adding perspectives to the contemporary celebration of Jewish holidays.

Kaplanian Voices: a Yom Kippur Reflection 9/23/2022 from Eric Caplan on Vimeo.

For the latest in what Rabbi Schein is thinking about Judaism and the pandemic see his ebook Jewish Reflections on Pandemic 2020-2022 (5780-5782)

The last several years the keynote dialogue of the Text Me project is The Ten Commandments of Managing Our Evolving Digital Selves. It is being offered at fifteen congregations across North America.  

Text Me Dialogues in 5781/2020/21

Followers will also be interested in the new volume L’Dor V’Dor in the Digital Age by Rabbi Schein and Rabbi Hayim Herring to be published in the spring of 2022.