The Miracles of Human and Digital Communication

ברוך אתא יי החכם הרוזים
Barukh atah adonai he-hecham ha-rozim

Blessed is God Who Understands the Secrets of the Human Mind

Our understanding of the great miracle of communication is underscored in a blessing related to the revelation of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Famously, Jewish interpretive tradition posits that each of the 600,000 witnesses to the revelation of the Torah experienced this event in significantly different ways, ways not intuitively clear to other human beings. Only God is to be praised as the One who understands the secrets of each person’s mind.

  1. What of my own mind can only I know? Only God?
  2. How do you understand the process of an idea being born in your mind?
  3. Name three “mind-blowing” instances of complex human communication perhaps worthy of this blessing?
  4. How does this blessing also teach humility?