Six-Word Novels about Technology

Let’s explore this from three different angles. The first comes out of the “six-word novel” technique of meaning making. The tradition is often (but perhaps apocryphally) attributed to Ernest Hemingway, whose response to a challenge to write a six-word novel led to the dark, enigmatic FOR SALE: BABY SHOES, NEVER WORN. The New Yorker columnist Larry Smith and others have turned six-word novels into something of a cottage industry, a form of “edutainment” designed to be both funny and enlightening.

Below are six-word novels created (and reproduced with their and their parents’ permission) by students at Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School about their relationship to technology. Readers are invited to review the list and think about which of these seems troubling? Insightful? Profound?


Technology is fun but not too much

It is changing our lives today

Technology keeps me connected with friends

A resource that provides good entertainment

It’s sometimes like a safety blanket

I use it mostly for doing homework

It makes things faster and entertains

Technology often helps me procrastinate

Technology is good but destroying generations

Technology is helpful but also dangerous


Readers are now invited to  boldly and creatively try their hands at developing their own six word novel about technology, perhaps returning to their “And now” statement from the Ira Progoff activity.