Reflective Questions asked as part of Text Me: Ancient Jewish Wisdom Meets Contemporary Technology

The Text Me project – both the book and the website – seeks to develop three gifts for its readers in relationship to technology:  self-awareness, perspective, and balance.

Below are a set of questions related to each.

Gift One: The Gift of Self-Awareness

  1. What are my current struggles (technical, psychological, spiritual) with digital technologies?
  2. When is technology a pure gift for me? When is it a conditional gift? When is it a problematic gift?
  3. What new potentials for Jewish learning does digital life provide for me and my family? How might I now act on them?
  4. When 98% of this volume or website has either evaporated or gone into deep storage, what 2% do I want to keep alive?

Gift Two:  The Gift of Perspective: Siyag/Fence

  1. What do I now see differently about the digital seas that surround me?
  2. Can I trace the footprints of various new technologies on my everyday habits as they have evolved over time?
  3. Where does my relationship to technology differ from generations older and younger than myself?
  4. If I think of myself as always striving to become a GJGDC (Good Jewish Global Digital Citizen) where would I give myself the highest and lowest grades in regard to each of the letters?
  5. As a teacher/educator or a parent/educator how do I help my children/grandchildren become good Jewish global digital citizens?
  6. As a spiritual leader (rabbi, priest, minister, or imam) how do I raise these kinds of questions with my congregation?
  7. What rhythm have I created for myself in balancing healthy engagement and healthy disengagement from my devices?

Gift Three: The Gift of Balance  

The Four Hasidic Notes in My Pocket (elevated human dignity, human humility, expansive use of technology, limiting technology in my life)

  1. Do I find comfortable and meaningful the way in which technology expands my sense of self?
  2. Do I feel comfortable and meaningful the way in which technology “humbles” me?
  3. In what ways have I utilized technology to promote my own Jewish learning journey?
  4. In what ways can technology still move me forward in that journey?
  5. What might I say to my own children and grandchildren as part of an ethical will bequeathing my life experience and wisdom about technology  to the next generation?
  6. What resolutions about technology in my life would I like to make part of a more comprehensive cheshbon hanefesh/soul inventory next Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?
  7. What kind of deeper, more continuous connection with family and friends can be enhanced through technology?